Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Chunkers

Chocolate Chunkers

Chocolate Chunkers

In deference to the many honorable ladies and few honorable gentlemen of Tuesdays With Dorie, I have decided to bake all future recipes fully clothed.  It will remain this way until Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude becomes a pay site (or until I become a Handsome Dude).

I made a few changes to the recipe this week.  I left out the nuts and raisins, because I seem to have exhausted my welcome with the fruit and nuts lately.  My family deserves better.  Today’s recipe was going to be all chocolate, all the time.  So really, I followed the recipe to the letter (I used white chocolate) and made a few omissions.

I was a bit nervous, because my eggs/sugar mixture never became “foamy” like Dorie said.  My guess:  I didn’t let my eggs get sufficiently “room temperature” before I started.  The final product looked and tasted spectacular, though, so I guess I have no real prob (Bob).

Emboldened by the positive results, I decided to make my own recipe variation disaster.  What goes well with chocolate?  Marshmallows and graham crackers, of course!  I tried my hand at making S’mores Chunkers.  I crumbled up one large graham cracker into the remaining cookie batter, and I stirred in a handful of marshmallows.  How did it turn out?


S'mores Chunkers blow chunkers


The marshmallows melted, leaving a clear layer of carmelized sugar on my parchment paper, and a bunch of holes in my cookies.  Any idea what went wrong?  Was it too hot for marshmallows?  Nothing burned, by the way, and everything tasted great.  I just had less “hero” cookies to donate to my favorite cookie-tasting charities.

The recipe for these cookies will be up at Fool For Food tomorrow (Tues 16-9-08)

29 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Chunkers”

  1. I think the smores chunkers look like a gooey tasty mess. I’ll take 2 please. 🙂

    Your cookies look perfect, Great job Mike!

  2. To be honest I bet those graham cracker marshmallow chunkers tasted awesome even if the visual wasn’t so appealing. And yes, let’s keep our pants on while baking shall we? HAHA.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  3. Wow, that’s quite the impressive mess. I would have thought the marshmallows would be fine. The top cookies are picture-perfect, though.

  4. bet you fluff would hold up in the oven

    harder to incorporate in little chunks though, I suppose

  5. You know how when you eat Lucky Charms there are those little styrofoamy marshmallows? I’ve seen them sold by the pound at bulk food stores. I wonder if they would fare better….your chocolately cookies look wonderful! I applaud your efforts to experiement 🙂

  6. First, your original cookies look fabulous. I chilled mine before baking, and they didn’t spread.

    Yours are gorgeous.

  7. YOu got a nice crackly top on yours. Mine, not so much. As for the marshmallows, when I use them in cookies, I’ll poke them in the top about halfway through baking time. Otherwise they do turn right back into sugar syrup.

  8. The s’mores cookies may not be pretty, but who needs pretty? I’m all about tasty. Weren’t the straight up chocolate cookies a little too rich? Ah wait, who am I kidding.

  9. OK, you’re going to have to change the name of your blog. there’s nothing ugly about your cookies, even though so many people thought theirs were ugly! i love the crackly top; i only got that on some of my cookies.

  10. Oh my god, I laughed out loud at the blow chunkers. I’m glad they tasted good, though. We are already through our batch – work loved them, friends loved them, etc. What’s the deal with Fool For Food? Are you cheating on your blog with another blog?

  11. Ok, sorry. I looked at the other website and was confused by the German. I’m intellectually challenged today. Whoops.

  12. Oh, your original ones look perfect, and your crazy marshmallow/graham cracker ones look . . . like they probably tasted great! I am no food scientist, so I can’t even begin to offer an explanation. As far as I can tell, baked goods are gonna do what they’re gonna do. Kind of fatalistic, I suppose. Anyway, nice job!

  13. I would never have thought to put in marshmallows, but it sounds delish. You are too creative!!

  14. I think it the smores action sounds like a great idea too. I like the way you think. Visually, eh. Taste is what counts!

  15. Dude, your chocolate chunkers look spectacular!!

  16. I thought about the marshmallows, too – better you than me, spoodles!! (yea, I think it is too much heat for them…5 minutes i about all they can handle.

  17. Great job on the cookies. I loved them!

  18. Your first ones look great!

  19. Maybe refrigerating would keep the marshmallows from going everywhere? Love the s’mores take on it though – it sounds fabulous!

  20. You may need to change the name of your blog dude, cause those are some seriously delicious looking cookies! in keeping true to the name the second shot was indeed ugly but i bet they were tasty!

  21. Mike – your cookies look great (the first set) – have the nice brownie “crust”.

    I like where you’re going with the s’mores. Keep tryin’

  22. Hahaha oh no!!! Your second version of the cookies look amazing! I tried making cookies with marshmallows once before… they do melt and caramelize. The next time I did it, I used the marshmallows from the swiss miss packets. Sure, they’re freeze-dried-not-really-marshmallows, but they did the trick!

  23. “Smores Chunkers blow chunkers” HAAAAA! Laughed so hard. And I am JEALOUS of those gorgeous cookies in your first picture!

  24. Alright Spoodles! You bake nekked, too? In all seriousness, I accidentally had on some trampy variation of sweatpants designed by the Victoria’s Secret slizzuts at HQ while I was baking, and due to their low-rise nature I full-on burned one of the hip-bones in front that is beginning to jut out slightly because I’m careful not to eat most of the stuff I bake. Which is fortunate, because I thought these cookies tasted like a bag of asses.

  25. wow, your first picture looks professional – the cookies, the photo, everything! And, well, gotta love the experiment at the end. Has lots of great things in it. Get out the spoon and eat from the cookie sheet!

  26. Love the s’mores idea…just peel and eat!

  27. Dude I can’t stop laughing at the second pic. Also, boo to clothed cooking.


  28. That first picture is definitely NOT ugly food! Love the idea of the S’mores cookies — too bad they didn’t work.

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