Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

When I saw the picture in Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, “Baking:  From My Home To Yours,” I was taken aback.  This was going to be the hardest TWD recipe yet!  I just knew it.


It actually may have been the easiest one, albeit the most time-consuming.  The ganache came together well, as did the ice cream.  I had planned on making my own ice cream, but time constraints and all.  I ended up using Edy’s Slow-Churned Vanilla, which was pretty tasty in its own right.

You know the drill.  Recipe by Dorie Greenspan?  IT GON TASTE GOOD.

So why the short post about the recipe today?  Well, besides the fact that everything turned out dreadfully, boringly right, I wanted to blog about some other stuff.  Between all of my so-called weekly “obligations” (Tuesdays With Dorie and my fledgling “Arts and Farts and Crafts,” a Wednesday game night, etc.), I don’t really get a lot of time to blog about Mike stuff anymore.  Everybody get out your Boredom Goggles, because you’re about to get drenched.

In all of my Tuesdays With Dorie entries, I’ve included nutritional analyses.  We will not go quietly into the night!  We will not vanish without a fight!  We’re going to live on!  We’re going to survive!  Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

I don’t know what eating disorder I developed over the past five years, but I developed it.  Probably a nameless one, fueled by depression.  I came to a point a month or two ago where I hit a rock bottom; not rock-bottom like you see in a VH1 Behind the Music, but the closest I’ll hopefully ever come to a fall.  I was in headphones listening to music literally eighteen hours a day.  I decided to quit on my girlfriend.  Every voice I heard was muffled or garbled (in at least one ear by music, and just generally).  Any social interaction I did have was full of sarcastic, silly jokes or mean-spirited irony.  My attention and my memory weren’t what they had once been.  I was always cold.  I had micromanaged my diet to the last calorie.  I had eaten the same exact thing every day for years (plural), and despite my vows to add variety to my diet, all I had done was make a new daily menu.  It got to the point that I wasn’t enjoying life at all, and I realized that I really hadn’t enjoyed life since before I had started losing weight in my sophomore year of college.

I’m on the road to recovery, and it’s not easy.  I’m happily back with my girlfriend.  I’m eating whatever I want (which, as a positive side-effect of my manorexic days, consists now salads and chicken as opposed to Twinkies and Slim Jims).  I have to train myself to do all of the things I used to enjoy.

Life is too short.  If you worry too much; if you get worked up about the little things—the minor irritants, the small mistakes and accidents, the calories of life—you’re going to miss the big picture.


So what if happiness involves eating a piece of chocolate-banded ice cream torte?

If you want to make your own educated decisions regarding the nutritional values of a TWD dessert, I offer you a link to CalorieCount’s Recipe Analysis Device!  I’m just going to eat a big ol’ piece, swig a diet pop, and call it a wash.  Have a great Tuesday everybody!

21 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte”

  1. So I suppose that life is too short to argue about whether one should say soda or pop… My husband (from Johnstown) says pop, while I (grew up in Scranton, mostly) say soda. From one of your other posts, I figured you were in central PA, which should put you on my side of the line! =) Enjoy your torte–can’t wait to see pictures.

  2. 300+ calories per slice, IF you cut it into 16 slices. Yeah, I used to put in the calorie count for all her recipes, but I was apparently ruining people’s appetites. How that woman stays so slim is beyond me. Maybe, after years of so much butter, she hates the stuff and never eats what she bakes?

  3. Good for you! I swig diet sodas will all my desserts as well. They cancel each other out. Your torte looks lovely.

  4. Well, after 6 weeks of being in TWD, I don’t crave sweets as much. Maybe that’s her secret – familiarity breeds restraint??? Your torte is stunning, and I’m glad you skipped the calorie analysis (la, la, la, I’m not listening to Amy above)

  5. Oh…this WAS such a wonderful recipe.

    I didn’t use fruit. I used something else. Yummy!

  6. Your post made me happy. I pray we NEVER reach “VH1” rock-bottom.

  7. I like your torte and the Wendy’s cup next to it!

  8. Dude – I couldn’t agree more. Life IS short and I’m going to die at some point anyway… I’d rather it be after savoring all life had to offer (in moderation, of course). I’d rather be happy than worry about every single morsel of food that I consume. Not saying I wanna be a candidate for an intervention, mind you 😉

    Dude, live life and be happy. And while you’re at it, have a delicious day!
    (oh, btw, your torte came out nice!!!)
    (and “manorexic”… that’s a new one on me)

  9. Great job! Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. I’m all for good mental health. I hope to try it someday.

  11. So good to hear you’re over your Twinkies and Slim Jim days. Your torte looks great, and if happiness is eating chocolate and ice cream, then I’ve been ecstatic all week long.

  12. Your torte is very tasty looking.
    You know what they say – everything in moderation – Including Moderation! Sometimes you just have to say what the fk.

  13. You’re right, it was pretty easy but, alas, time consuming. Your torte looks lovely!

  14. I loved your post. You are so right! Why worry so much and miss out on LIFE? Your torte looks very good. I’m gonna have to make this! 🙂

  15. Too weird – I totally had a period of time with the same disordered eating (thanks calorie-count…). I’m definitely going to look forward to not seeing the amount of calories in these treats 🙂

  16. Oh, absolutely, you gotta break free. The TWD club is way more fun than the supermodel club. Have an extra piece of torte with your girl and together we can rule the galaxy.

  17. Very insightful post this week! I hear you about worrying too much about stuff. Life’s simple pleasures are to be enjoyed…and Dorie’s desserts as well…as long as we don’t enjoy them everyday 🙂 Have a fab week!

  18. In a way, you sounded just like Ferris. But better.
    And diet soda negates calories. Everybody knows that. 🙂

  19. I’m so sad that you are not posting nutritional analysis anymore, but I fully think you are doing the right thing! I am also an obsessive calorie counter who had lost a lot of weight and since have not been the same. I can never enjoy a piece of food without worrying! So good for you!

  20. congrats, mike.. i think you’ve stumbled upon your own route to happiness.. – like you stated, we’ve only got so much time here on earth, why not enjoy it? – i know stress and worry can build, even though i’m usually a real easygoing guy, this past week with the start of a new semester had be kind of haywire for a bit until i realized that it’s not so bad and if anything i should feel fortunate.. – i think we all have a lot to be happy for..

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