You love me approximately that much

Well I’ll be a sun of a gon.

My good Twitterfacebookdorieblog friend Jessica gave me a grand award for all of my hard work sporadic blogging!

I came across Jessica’s blog through Tuesdays with Dorie, and since then I’ve been enthralled with her stories of bridal-store-incompetence, baked goods, scrumptious onion soups, life on the road, Good Humor bars, arts, farts, and crafts!  And now, of course, with her awards ceremonies.

What award, you ask?

Well, IT’S THE PRESTIGIOUS “I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH” AWARD. I printed out the 50×50 graphic on my ol’ dot matrix and hung it on the wall next to my “I no can has cheezburgr. I is vegeturiunz.” lolcat and my rockin’ picture of a snake with the head of a staple remover.

Pretty rockin’, huh?

So what does my grand award entail? Well, benefactor and Love-You-This-Much-foundation-curator Emila of Emila’s Illustrated Blog wants the following:

1. Recipient must name blogs s/he loves. (I’m a /he.)
2. Post the link explaining the nature of the award

So I think I got that down. Who do I tag with this honorable meme?

I guess I’ll start with my good friend Derek, who is available both on Blogger and LiveJournal, because no one site can contain him.  If there was a “cutest baby” award it would go to his son.  Go there for pictures of cute babies, yes?

And then there’s Slush, owner of thousands of websites and venerable leader of the Tuesdays With Dorie cult. As I told her, “You are among Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Elvis Presley, and Dick Van Dyke on my personal “Best Human Beings of All Time” list for your honorable Tuesday With Dorie venture, and you got extra credit for introducing me to bacon-looking bandages.”

And what of MacDuff, who manages to make her Tuesdays With Dorie posts hilarious without having to completely muff up the recipe like some of us?

And Clara, who posts diverse recipes and never fails to make me smile with her posts?

I like the rest of you and all, but these are the blogs that popped into my head while I was sitting here eating burnt cookies (see:  tomorrow’s TWD).

4 Responses to “You love me approximately that much”

  1. aaawww you love me? You really love me? I am feeling very loved right now. Thanks Ugly Dude. (I mean that in the most loving way of course.)

  2. I didn’t even see this! I’m so excited!!! I love that we’re shouting each other out now! And I want a picture of a staple remover snake, too. When you think about it, the staple remover snake is the new bust of Shakespeare, the new Washington portrait, the new first dollar bill autographed by the buyer. It’s RAD.

  3. Dude, UTTERLY rockin’.

    For the record I’ve spread the meme of AFC but who knows whether my friend is any more reliable than I am!

  4. Congrats! Drop by soon as I got the ping! Good to know that the award is going places!


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