Arts! Farts! Crafts! Candid Photography! Kittens!

Arts and Farts and Crafts is a weekly artistic challenge. Every Thursday, a new prompt will be posted here on Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude. Then, you will create some sort of media based on the prompt. Is it a rhyming couplet? A ten-page story? A photograph? A drawing? A recipe? Whatever you’d like. As long as your piece of art is a new creation and it’s vaguely inspired by the week’s prompt, it’s in!

To enter, post your entry on Then, e-mail me at with a link to your entry. I will then make a round-up post sharing your art on my website, as well as the requisite linkage.

This week’s theme?

Take a photograph (or find a preexisting photograph).  Use that as your own prompt.  Submit the original photo plus the entry it inspired.

Not a bad prompt, if I may say so myself!  And I may!  I may say so myself!

Here’s my picture.

Today’s story is a true one.  It actually happened today.

This morning was like any other morning.  I was on my laptop.  My parents were sleeping.  My brother was on his way to work.  I received a phone call from my brother a few minutes after he took off.

“Look out the window,” he said.

I did.  A cat was staring at me.

My brother told me about how the kitty had jumped into his car as he was leaving for work, and about the ordeals he faced in trying to escape from the overly friendly cat without mowing it down.

I watched the cat attack a neighbor of ours in the same fashion, and then I decided to go out and play.  Timely arrival at work be damned!  I was going to play with a friendly kitty!

The cat and I became fast friends.  “You’re a cute little kitty,” I said, although it sounded more like “Yaw a cute widdle kiwwy” than anything else.  I don’t know why I liked the cat so much.  I hate animals (or at least the domestication of said animals).  But if any animal was asking to be domesticated, it was this cat.  It wanted a home, and more specifically, it wanted my home.

I had to sprint around the block so the cat wouldn’t get into my house.  I lost him!  But when I came outside twenty minutes later to go to work, the cat was right there on the porch.

“I love you cat,” I said, “and I want to make you my pet.”  I knew it would never happen.  We don’t do pets; there are allergies.  A whole mess of excuses flowed into my brain, but I didn’t care.  I needed to keep my new cat around.

“And if you’re one of those cats that’s actually a human except you’ve been transformed?” I said. “I’ll be back at five o’clock. I’ll save you!”

I sprinted around the block to lose the cat, and then I drove to work.

The cat stayed on my front porch and played with/annoyed my family all day.  Even when the house was vacant for hours, that cat was there until eight o’clock at night.

Not really a fiction entry (or an interesting entry), but I wanted that cat and I hope it finds a good home.  More cute pictures and videos are available at my Flickr.

We have a special treat this week–a new contributer!  Meet Jessica of “Have We Met?”  Here is her entry.

This photo was taken last autumn in Salem, Mass. I found it carved into someones driveway while I was trespassing in their backyard. There were complicated circumstances surrounding my trip to the area and was haunted by “I AM INNOCENT” for a great deal of time. Who was I to complain after what had taken place there?

That’s pretty cool, and actually pretty chilling! Thanks for the entry, Jessica, and I hope to see more in the future!

For next week:  a prompt.

Pick an animal.  Do a study on that animal using whatever media you so desire.

Entries can be submitted in any medium. The end-date for submissions is Thursday August 7. Be sure to notify me at

4 Responses to “Arts! Farts! Crafts! Candid Photography! Kittens!”

  1. Thanks for nod. I finally got my post up….

    Have you named the kitty? It’s all down hill after that.

  2. For the record it’s difficult to submit in papier-mâché.

    Yes, I copy/pasted that from Bite me.

    Also: dragons!

  3. If you do an entry in papier-mache (I didn’t bother copypasting), you will earn my undying respect, sir.

  4. […] I too hasty in picking this week’s prompt?  Sure, I was enamored with a stray cat at the time (who later came back, was tested for disease, and was adopted by my sister-in-law).  But I […]

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