AFC: Get Writin'

I’ve been a little lax on the AFC (Arts&Farts&Crafts) entries, but only because they seem to serve more for my own amusement than any particular readers’. Still, here’s next week’s prompt, as decided by Nichole (who also posted her entry from last Thursday).

You are stuck somewhere. Situation: Sticky air, dry gum, paper clips, and an explosion. MacGyver your way out of this situation.

Arts and Farts and Crafts is a weekly artistic challenge. Every Thursday, a new prompt will be posted here on Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude. Then, you will create some sort of media based on the prompt. Is it a rhyming couplet? A ten-page story? A photograph? A drawing? A recipe? Whatever you’d like. As long as your piece of art is a new creation and it’s vaguely inspired by the week’s prompt, it’s in!

Entries can be submitted in any medium. The end-date for submissions is Thursday August 7. Be sure to notify me at!

BTW See here for a fun endnote to the Wrigley’s Gum-related antics of AFC Week 4.


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