Ugly Movies!

Click on “Ugly Movies” on the right (or on this link) to see my constantly-updated reviews of movies. They’re just one-paragraph baubles, but it keeps me writing and maybe it will keep you infotained.

4 Responses to “Ugly Movies!”

  1. excellent! really enjoyed what’s posted, and will definitely check back often for more.. – i still need to see a few of those.. especially Prince Caspian..

  2. have you seen any movies by roy andersson? you, the living and songs from the second floor. they are my favorite movies in the ENTIRE WORLD. please find a way to obtain and absorb them if you possibly can. start with you the living. they are unbelievable.

  3. This is such a cool thing! Review The Darjeeling Limited, please. I’d always liked Wes Anderson, but then I saw this movie, and I realized he was a god.

  4. Consider it reviewed, although I tend to disagree. His high point was Tenenbaums, and everything since then (with the possible exception of Hotel Chevalier) has been great but not AS great.

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