Okay.  I’m not dead.  But my car is.

On Sunday, my girlfriend and I were driving down a four-lane highway (2 lanes for each direction of traffic, natch) toward my sister’s college graduation.  As we were passing a tractor trailer (fully in view of his mirrors), he flipped on his turn signal.  He immediately and quickly began to merge into our lane.  I slammed on the brakes, but it wasn’t enough.

My poor car was slammed by the semi in two places–the front of the hood and the rear passenger door.  We were sent careening across a raised median and into the two lanes of oncoming traffic.

The truck driver did not stop.

Since the accident happened, I’ve been known to say, “With the exception of being hit by a tractor-trailer, things could not have gone more perfectly.

1)  We were in a tiny, 1-mile stretch without any walls dividing the highway.  Had we run into a median wall, we would have been killed.

2)  The two impact points directly sandwiched my girlfriend.  If the truck had hit where she was sitting it would probably have been the end of ol’ Rachel.

3)  We somehow, miraculously managed to miss all oncoming traffic.

4)  Despite coming within feet of it, we avoided the guard rail on the opposite side of the highway.

5)  When the car eventually screeched to a stop, we were sitting atop the median, completely out of harm’s way.

I feel incredibly lucky to be here today blogging obnoxiously.  Soon I will be the owner of a brand new car (I’m looking into the Prius at the moment).  At the moment, money is going to be tight and a lot of the more extravagant recipes and foods I have bookmarked to try may not happen as fast as I had planned.  Thank god for $21 worth of free artisan chocolate!

On a related note, when I had to kick the car door open, I felt like an action hero.

7 Responses to “DEAD”

  1. YIKES MIKE. i’m so very glad that you’re a superhero and survived.

  2. holy guacamole
    that must have been horrifyingly frightening
    i’m glad you’re safe and sound

    maybe you were THE ONE meant to live in order to grace us with quirky, satiating recipes and editorials for the rest of your life ? is this your calling?

  3. Wow man, Ashley and I are very glad to hear you both are alright. Shame about the car, maybe I can relieve you of some of your driving time if we both get the adjudicator job. With a new Prius though, you might want to drive.

    We’re both very glad to hear you both are just fine. Good luck with the car hunting.

  4. Dude, incredible post. The moment I saw the picture I saw how lucky you guys were about the impact spots… both sides of, but not on, the passenger door.

    So bad that the truck didn’t stop. I promote installing dashboard cams in all cars. Wouldn’t be expensive to implement, really. Save the footage for 24 hours, then overwrite.

    Anyway, good luck on the new car. Is insurance at least helping you out?

  5. Holy hell. I’m very glad you two are okay. I have to wonder if you made it to your sister’s graduation. You have awesome luck, other than the getting hit by a tractor-trailer bit.

  6. […] been without a car since early May, but that will soon be remedied.  I’m getting a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid in the next couple […]

  7. My! You two were extremely fortunate. If you had to have a wreck, this was the one to have. I can only imagine how shaken up you guys were. Glad it was not worse.

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