Things to check out: Pizza deliverers and the Germans that tip them

High-school classmate and American expatriate Conor Schaefer has been spending a significant amount of his time blogging about his experiences as a pizza delivery boy in Germany. Turns out that the purchasers are generous with the sympathy, but absolute stingy a-holes with their money.

Here is a video blog recounting a torrential downpour that led to the world’s least satisfying delivery.

Here Conor receives some mild vindication.

German slice shop customers aren’t the only stingy ones.

I guess this post is just to say, “Read Conor Schaefer’s blog because it’s the most entertaining metal-pizza-Germany blog you’re ever going to stumble across.”

2 Responses to “Things to check out: Pizza deliverers and the Germans that tip them”


    I was actually going to put up a new pizza-related post this week, and then I figured, “Fuck, I’m gonna have to buy a new domain for all these damn pizza posts.”

    Thanks for the link love, man. Also, I’m totally going to start stealing that “What I liked about today/yesterday” meme from you. STAY TUNED.

  2. Yes, I remember Conor. He was always a problem for Germans. And everyone else. I hate that guy.

    The only acceptable Conor was born in 16th century Scotland and bears an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Lambert.

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