A meat treat?

It’s the most un-food-bloggy thing I’ve said since I started this web site, but the best meat I’ve had since I started eating meat again…


That’s right! A good, old-fashioned McDonald’s Cheeseburger, wrapped in the same yellow wrapper as it was five years ago when I had one last. The sandwich itself is a wonder of culinary science, trashy as it may be.  Truth be told, I could probably have eaten this without the meat patty and been completely happy. The condiments are just the right mixture, from the slightly melty cheese to the perfect pickles to the amazing dehydrated onions. The McDonald’s cheeseburger is heaven in only 300 calories.

Did you know that it is actually cheaper to buy a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s than it is to buy a single? Why must they make it harder and more financially draining to eat (slightly) healthier? Is it to make their dollar double seem like a better deal? Oh well. I’m willing to pay the extra four cents for my indulgences.

8 Responses to “A meat treat?”

  1. I love how the burger has that particular shadow, almost like desire. lol

  2. That top photo just screams “Flickr.” And I love it.

    I actually had McDonalds the other day. I was running late for work and didn’t have time to make breakfast, there’s a McDonalds I have to walk past to get to work, so I popped in and got two (single) cheeseburgers off the euro menu.

    I felt gross as I was eating them, and then I had an orgasm and I quit my job and ran back to McDonalds and rolled around in the fry bin.

    At least that’s how I remember it.

  3. I have it Flickr’ed, but I’m too lazy to tag it and set it out in the wild. Sometime.

    How can you feel gross eating two perfect trashy cheeseburgers? In the words of everybody’s favorite lunchlady, “There’s very little meat in these gym mats.”

    If you rolled around in the fry bin, you would die of third degree burns. The more you know.

    How do European McDonald’s stack up to American? I’ve heard comments from travelers and expatriates that the food is different there. Is it the same, better, or worse? Anything significantly different or interesting?

  4. Well, you can buy a beer at McDonalds, which I still find pretty funny. It’s actually difficult to walk around and not buy beer somewhere. They getcha at every corner.

    “I’ll take a number five with a beer, please.”

    It never gets old. It’s crap beer, though. I think they use Spaten or something, which isn’t generally well received by the youth around here. I’ll have to ask sometime which beer they use.

  5. Also, I’ve never ever had performance problems when viewing your site, but hosting the pic on Flickr and using that as your img ref will definitely speed up pageloads. Otherwise both the pic will have to be loaded from your hosting space, which is already being called for the site itself and the post content. The more you can distribute, the better.

  6. Conor, you are a neverending font of information and dreaminess! Thanks for the tip. I may rejigger my site photos and make that my “weekend project” either this one or next.

  7. Let me know. It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a revamping customization marathon. I’ll trawl Mozilla’s extension repository and also scout for more WordPress plugins this weekend.

    So far, subscribe to comments by e-mail is probably my favorite one. Really makes it easy to have a conversation.

  8. OMG Whatever you do DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ARBYS OR DAIRY QUEEN ON ARCHER ROAD!! I am talking about the one built into the gas station on race track on Butler Plaza. Yeah the one right in front of TARGET. I dont have to say this twice, but there were maggots in the ice cream machine when they gave us our ice cream cones. Most of the time the maggots get in the machine and they hit the screen at the bottom but there were so many when we went that they went through the ice cream filter. OMG The same thing at ARBYS they are right next to each other. There is a fly problem at these places. If you are in Gainesville Florida BUYER BEWARE. On top of the bugs being in our ice cream the manager at ARBYS named Dotty was rude about it and told us not to talk so loud about it in the restaurant when we were there. SOME NERVE. She didnt want the other customers to find out what we were talking about. She refunded our whole meal not just the ice cream and brought us the money. She went to Dairy Queen and had it done fast and she worked at the Arbys right next door to it. Thats how much she was trying to cover this up because she didnt care. Watch out for the maggots and this lady if you go to Dairy Queen on Archer in Butler Plaza.

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