Happy Administrative Professionals' Day…to me!

I went into work today to find a big frigging gift bag smack in the middle of my desk.


My first thought was that I missed my birthday. Turns out that today is Administrative Professionals’ Day. Take a moment to laugh at the professional spin they gave the old-time “Secretaries’ Day.”

Out of your system? Good. Because apparently those of us who bust our humps day-in and day-out to file your paperwork are special. How special? Special enough to get lots and lots of glorious stuff!

There are some negatives to having your coworkers know about your crazy, obsessive-compulsive dieting. There’s those that express concern–either fake or sincere-but-misguided. There are people that will ask and comment about your diet incessantly. However, all of that goes away when people get you a big ol’ bag of food.

Granola from Dingeldein Bakery. There is no official webpage for the Dingeldein Bakery, but it’s probably the most costly bakery in the city of Harrisburg, PA. I was really, really looking forward to crunching on this stuff. I opened it immediately after work and ate a serving. I’ve never had plain granola before (only in super-saccharine bar form), but this stuff was incredible. Raisins and nuts and what I’d assume to be honey combine to form this delicious, dense conglomeration. Now I will stop describing something that everybody else already eats.

Sugar-free candy! Included were packs of Extra Spearmint gum, Sweet ‘N Low Sugar Free Brand hard candies in both Fruit Flavors and International Coffee Flavors, and “Just Chocolate” hard candies.

And, if that’s not all, there was a $25 gift card to my grocery store. That will come in handy, whether it’s just to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables (cherry season is coming up, after all) or to gas up my car for the frequent hour-long commutes to my girlfriend’s house.

I’ll certainly be remembering this come Bosses’ Day!

What happens to those people right gob in the middle of the totem pole? We celebrate the head-honchos on Bosses’ Day (October 16) and the bottom-feeders on Administrative Professionals’ Day. Do the sandwich-meat (whatever menial position they tend to hold) just get to live day-to-day, happy in the fact that they’re benefiting from the knowledge and hard work of their supervisors and secretaries?

6 Responses to “Happy Administrative Professionals' Day…to me!”

  1. […] tapblog2 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAnd, if that’s not all, there was a $25 gift card to my grocery store. That will come in handy, whether it’s just to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables (cherry season is coming up, after all) or to gas up my car for the frequent … […]

  2. Bosses’ Day? Isn’t every day really Bosses’ Day?

  3. Every day is Bosses’ Day. But especially Bosses’ Day!

  4. Hey, found the new site

    Congrats Mike on the giftbag. Now as an administrative professional its your obligation to abuse whatever power you have. It’s the American way.

    What does the middle of the totem get? They get the luxury of picking out what gift the underlings get for their boss.

    Also, I tried to post to your vox site. It kept going on about signing in and whatever. here is my post FYI, enjoy at your own risk. It was in the context of the greatest meal:

    Lol- Sharp provolone. Never seen this, but I am certainly intrigued…..

    As to my best food experience– well, one of them was back in the 6th grade. We were visiting my family in Mass. We decided to stop into Boston and then on up to Charlestown. We popped into a pub called The Warren Tavern. My dad had clam chowder. It was rich It was awesome. Naturally I had taken some. I order a lobster roll. Huge pieces of tail and claw meat. The bun appeared to be homemade and then grilled in butter.

    But, the potential penultimate food experience is far more interesting. Unfortunately it miscarriaged into a frantic burst down a mountainside.

    I remember visiting family again in Mass. One Saturday morning we popped into a diner. I ordered a lobster roll (see a trend here), then my dad got a hotdog. I liked them so I order not one but two, for myself. This is breakfast mind you.

    We went home, I was alright. Then my aunt made the suggestion of going on a hike, up Wachusett. Okay, I’m game. So we get there and begin hiking. Near the top I feel a grumbling in my stomach. Oh well. We arrive at the top and see the views. It is late April, but it was a cold spring. To the north is that stalwart snow-clad monadnock– Mount Monadnock.
    Anyway, I really feel it now. You know, that trembling feeling. I tell my aunt “it’s time to go”. So we head down. I REALLY feel it now. I start stumbling down the mountain. I realize I can’t wait any longer. I throw my pants down and lean against a tree. I’m about to throw caution into the wind– no toilet paper.

    All of a sudden a family comes winding round the corner. Okay, pants back up. The ranger station is at the bottom afterall. Its not THAT far. Well, I finally get down to the ranger station. The door won’t open. I look in the windows. Its definitely closed. I tell my Aunt “get me out of here” and begin shaking and sweating a little.

    We wind down the road. Not much open. Finally we see a biker bar. I jump out of the car from a rolling stop. I race in. Posted is a sign reading “bathrooms for paying customers only”. I head for the bathroom anyway. The barkeeper starts in on me. I mumbled something about my aunt coming. He knew this was serious, he realized it best to back off.

    I made it. I’ll spare you the lurid details. Let me just say though, my legs shook for several minutes after the experience.

  5. Hahahahhahahaha! Thanks! That was just the thing I was looking for when I made that post.

    Lobster rolls sound damn tasty. I’ve been watching my refined carbs (bread, etc), but since I am in the mood to branch out maybe I will try one sometime.

    I’ve had a number of similar experiences after eating rich foods. When I cut fat out of my diet almost entirely, any variation would set me off. Needless to say, eating a piece of cake on my last day at the movie theater was a biiiiig mistake.

    The Vox site was kind of an in-betweener. This is the real deal. I forgot it was there. Ooooops. De-leted.

  6. […] as the rest of Kashi’s oeuvre I guess maybe I’m just spoiled by the goodness that was Dingeldein Bakery’s homemade granola, which is some of the finest I’ve ever […]

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