Soulja Soy

For a few years now, I’ve been hearing nothing but trash-talk about soy–that it is not a “complete” source of protein; that it is no longer seen as “heart-healthy;” that it is full of phytoestrogens.  What are phytoestrogens?  Will they make me grow boobies?

The misleadingly-named Testosterone Nation reports in defense of soy, and in the meantime explains the scientific basis for all of this phytoestrogen talk in words I can understand (like “cookie” and “momma”).  A pertinent chunk of the article:

[W]e want to be clear about one major, important thing. This section isn’t designed to promote soy protein supplementation. Not in the least.

However, it’s here to demonstrate that when used as part of a sensible training program and varied, calorie sufficient diet, soy protein acts much in the same way that other proteins might act. With increases in lean body mass, decreases in stress hormone responses to training, and improvements in performance.

The author concludes that, basically, soy is okay as long as you eat it in moderation.  Really, that’s the key to everything in a diet, which is all fine and good, but I was really looking forward to having my own pair of breasts to play with.

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