The smell of success

Air-freshening sprays. What? A bathroom is a room that will occasionally smell like poop and pee. When you spray Glade or some shit into the air, you are not hiding poop and pee. There is no hiding poop and pee. You’re just adding something else into the bouquet. In some cases, you are adding another annoying or offensive smell–flowers, whathaveyou. In other cases, you are including a wonderful smell and making me associate it with poop and pee–vanilla, cinnamon, and cetera. I do not want to smell poo in my Big Red, and I do not want to taste pee in my hot cocoa.

2 Responses to “The smell of success”

  1. Hahaha I this was the 4th result in Google for “hiding poop smell,” WITHOUT quotes. I love you, man.

  2. It is my proudest moment. Get your friends to click on that link and maybe I’ll make number one!

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